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DASMESH Group has production facilities dedicated specially to cater to Domestic as well as Export markets. The production processes at each of the manufacturing stage involves minute details through advance planning integrated with most advanced and sophisticated machinery.

With the advent of new Technology & Processes in the field of Manufacturing it is always required to keep pace with the fast changing world and compete in the International Markets. DASMESH Management with this Vision in mind and equipped with wings of Modern Technology took a giant leap by setting up two completely new state of the art Technology Manufacturing Plants; one for the Combine Harvesters (Including Self Propelled Combine Harvesters, Track Combine Harvesters, and Tractor Driven Combine Harvesters) and one more similar plant for manufacturing of Straw Reaper, Laser Land Leveller, Rotavator and Roto Seed Drill etc.

These ultra modern Manufacturing Facilities facilitated us to have better controls over the Quality and Cost. Also it enhanced our Supply-Chain Management, which in fact has been backbone of any industry for that matter.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

DASMESH Mechanical Works - Malerkotla, Punjab, INDIA

Our plants are having actual manufacturing more than 3,00,000 Sq. Fts of area. These facilities are having support of Advance CAD-CAM Systems for optimum utilization of advanced technology. Both the Plants are functioning with optimum utilization of Manpower, Machinery and other resources.

Sheet Cutting & Bending

pure punching, the forming of threads, making of extrusions and bending of flanges are done with the help of the most advanced Punching machines from world leaders in sheet cutting solutions.

Advanced Machinery

DASMESH Mechanical Works - Malerkotla, Punjab, INDIA

The light machine shop is equipped for the production of small and medium parts of Dasmesh products.

Equipment in the light machine shop include:

  • CNC Thread and Worm Grinding Machines
  • Bolts Milling Machine
  • Internal and External Grinding machine
  • Universal, Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines
  • Lathe machines of various sizes
  • Gear Cutting Machines (Hobbing and Shaping)
  • Tool Reconditioning Section
  • Broaching Machines
  • Deep Hole Boring Machine
  • Straightening Press
  • Centreless Grinding Machine

Harvesters Assembly Line

DASMESH Mechanical Works - Malerkotla, Punjab, INDIA

Our assembly line is a manufacturing process in which interchangeable parts are added to Combine Harvesters in a sequential manner to create an end product. Our manufacturing assembly line is a semi-automated system through which product moves. At each station along the line some part of the production process takes place. The workers and machinery used to produce the item are stationary along the line and the product moves through the cycle, from start to finish.

Assembly line method was originally introduced to increase the productivity and efficiency of DASMESH Combine Harvesters and other products. Advances in assembly line methods are made regularly as new and more efficient ways of achieving the goal of increased throughput (the number of products produced in a given period of time).

Product Design & Development

DASMESH Mechanical Works - Malerkotla, Punjab, INDIA

In order to continuously excel in our business, we are engaged in research and development activities. These activities have become a prime aspect of our organization in designing and manufacturing of our assortment of Combine Harvesters and other Agricultural Impliments. Our well-organized Research and Development wing is managed and supervised by a team of researchers having rich experience in the respective discipline. These experts utilize various requisite tools and instrument in conducting researches on the new market development.

Our research activities are aimed at the following aspects:

  • Improve the quality of our products
  • Reduce manufacturing cost without compromising on the quality
  • Development of new products

Quality Control

DASMESH Mechanical Works - Malerkotla, Punjab, INDIA

Our company makes every effort to achieve excellent and consistent product quality at fair prices, and at the right time to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, our company continuously improves productivity by controlling the variation in various processes in a stable way. Continuous improvement is implemented by a closed loop methodology consisting of a selection of critical parameters, evaluation of the measurement system, monitoring of critical parameters, process capability improvement, and reaction plan. The main purpose of the CIP activities is minimizing the variation around the target.