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Maintenance Tips

Daily Maintenance & Servicing Tips

Daily maintenance allows your DASMESH Combine Harvesters to run smoothly and efficiently wh​​​​​​ile increasing its performance. Completing daily inspections will not only increase the longevity of your DASMESH machine, but it will also save you money over precious time.​ Perform daily maintenance and service check to lessen downtime during harvesting. Well looked after equipment will help you maximise your yield each and every time.

Before Harvesting Operation

  • Clean the machine of dust and dirt for better operation
  • Check Engine Oil level.
  • Check Fuel Level in Fuel Tank.
  • Check that V-Belts and Chains are in good condition and correctly tighten. The tension of new belts must be checked after first two or three working hours and re-tensioned as necessary. If, any belt is loosed then use the idler.
  • Ensure all the nuts & bolts are tightened properly & of necessary, please re-tighten them, before operating the combine harvester please make sure that all the units are working properly to avail better quality grains.
  • The tyre inflation pressure must be checked every day before commencing the work.
  • Damaged blade and finger must be replaced as they impact the cutting performance.
  • The elevator chains must be checked for proper tension everyday.
  • Before operating the combine harvester, straw walker sieves & elevators should be checked & cleaned properly to ensure good quality without any breakdown.
  • Lubricate all the grease & oil points at regular intervals in accordance with the lubrication chart.
  • Check battery for its voltage, electrolyte level and gravity. if required add only distilled water to maintain the electrolyte level.
  • Check radiator for coolant & water level on regularly.
  • Check clearance between feeder bottom & serrated angle.
  • Check clearance between conveyor worm & cutter bar pan.
  • Check clearance between threshing drum & concave at front & rear.
  • Check all ball bearings, belts, wires, welding joints, shafts regularly.

Daily Servicing

  • After finishing the operation top-up the diesel tank with clean diesel.
  • Check engine, transmission & hydraulic oil levels.
  • Clean the air cleaner strainer & bowl and fill up with fresh oil filters.
  • Lubricate & all greasing points as shown in the chart.
  • Check proper tension of flap belt, V-belts & roller chains.
  • Check water level in the radiator.
  • Check pressure in front and rear tyres as recommended.
  • Tighten loose nuts and bolts for their to rqueing and locking.
  • Check hooks and clamps for proper lock.
  • Start the engine & Check for Leakage from diesel, hydraulic and engine connections.
  • Battery charging and oil pressure.